Our openness should not damage the party

BAGAN DATUK, Dec 18 – Party President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Umno practices openness in accepting differing views but not to the extent that it is damaging to the party.
According to him, what is happening now shows shows the maturity of a political party that is transparent, open-arm attitude and celebrating every difference.
“I really celebrate the differences of opinion, let alone the diversity that reconciled us, especially when the main leadership reached a decision based on feedback and proposals received from the wings.
“The proposals by the division are the majority voice and the party will endorse it. If there are those who do not agree with the majority, they should respect it. The majority decision must be accepted,” he told the media at the Bagan Datuk Umno Complex, today.
He who is also Bagan Datuk Division Head said all the proposals derived at the divisional meetings will be decided by the top leadership.
“Of course, the five party leaders namely the President, Deputy and Vice Presidents will look at the details and implications but the whole idea must be seen as strengthening the party to win the next general election.
“We will study the proposals and resolutions from the divisions before the five leaders make a study and submitting it at the General Assembly in January next year,” he said.