Umno/BN must form the administration pillar

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 27 – Party President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi nodded to allegations that Umno/BN is trying to wrest back the power because it is his duty as Umno chief and BN chairman.

He said he will not let the people’s party lose its credibility and ability rather than becoming powerless to assist the whole Malaysians.

“God Willing, our effort to see Umno/BN rise to the occasion again will pay,” he said in a FB posting.


Seterusnya tambah Ahmad Zahid lagi, sebagai hambaNya kepada Allah SWT juga dipanjatkan doa dan pertolongan selepas segala daya upaya.

“UMNO/BN kembali sebagai teras pentadbiran negara.

“Bukan kerana kes mahkamah, tetapi atas amanah yang diberikan serta demi kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran dikembalikan di bumi bertuah ini,” ujarnya lagi.

Begitu juga ulasnya mengenai dakwaan konon beliau berusaha mengembalikan kerajaan UMNO/BN disebabkan kes mahkamah adalah satu-satunya propaganda politik yang masih segelintir pihak miliki.

“My calls for Umno/BN to work together with ‘that party’ is over as well as my propaganda to pull the plug on a prime minister who was power greedy. Let me also reiterate how I want my name to be cleared by the court.”

The Bagan Datuk MP said although many are of the opinion that his court case was a selective political prosecution after the coalition lost the 14th general election and due to the lie and slander, he will stand tall in the name of truth.

“Had I and other Umno leaders lost balance, we would have bowed out to them. In such a situation, is Umno/BN able to rise again in a short duration like today?

“Maybe its God’s planning. Whatever it is, we are on fire and raring to go,” he said.