Umno recognises youth role and contribution

JOHOR BAHRU, Feb 5 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan described Umno as the only party that recognises the youth role and contribution.
“There is no denying. In Johor state election (PRN), it is very important to truly understand the heart and inspiration of the 18-year-old new voters.
“I think the compatibility between young voters and a party is more complicated than an elemental issue and what is important is that the context of their aspiration will reflect through their candidates and he same time the struggles, issues, arguments and manifestos should fit them,” he said.
He said all parties, including Barisan Nasional (BN), were seen to be active even though the standard operating procedure (SOP) had not been announced for the PRN.
“Umno has come down aggressively at an early stage, so are other parties. Accept the reality of it.”
Meanwhile, Shahril also hoped that all parties will adjust to any Covid-19 SOP set by the government.
“I think this time we have to adjust any SOP. While the Melaka PRN looked a bit difficult but in the end BN braved through it and secure not only a two-third but three-quarter seats in the Melaka State Assembly (DUN),” he said.