Self failure confuses Wan Saiful – Shahril Hamdan

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 – Shahril Hamdan yesterday slammed PPBM Information Chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan who contiously attack Umno without merit, especially when he accused Datuk Seri Hasni Mohammad has failed as Johor Mentri Besar.

“It all reflects in the PH manifesto he wrote, he himself is confused by what he said and the only outlet is to attack Umno.

“Perhaps for him, the MB ‘failed’ because Hasni managed to translate the State Government’s policy successfully. For young people, we have the Young Drone Pilot Program, Johor Youngster Coding Program and the Digital Johor Startup Grant. For Wan Saiful, that was a failure,” he said in a FB posting.
He added that Wan Saiful cannot differentiate between success and failure.
“As the MB, Hasni has a vision and strategy to develop the economy not only for Johor but for Malaysia,” he said, giving example of how the MB has implemented the Jemaluang Dairy Valley Project (JDV) in Mersing last year.
“God willing, when this JDV is fully operational in 2023, the economy will flow to the locals through the generation of employment opportunities and the development of agropreneurs.
“At the national level, this project will reduce the country’s dependence on imported milk (worth RM3.9 billion in 2019) and be able to increase local milk production by 11 per cent (5.1 million liters of fresh milk per year). Its a failure to Wan Saiful.”
In addition to Federal Government initiatives and projects such as Rumah Mesra Rakyat, Hasni also ensured that one of the priority of the State Government Budget is Rumah Ihsan Makmur.
“B40 and M40 families can afford to own a house with the hire purchase program at offered. This is another failure labelled by Wan Saiful. Hope he calms down. Let the Johorians decide during polling,” he said.