Opponents are good at profanity – Zahid

JOHOR BAHRU, Mac 5 – Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hided at Barisan Nasional opponents for using dirty tactics in their campaign for Johor state election.

He said this includes words of manipulation to make the voters into believing that BN was trying to break them apart.


“It is uncalled for them to use ‘kemaluan’ (genitals) and ‘bogel’ (nude) on us. However, this is what they are, good at manipulating the voters.

“They like using profanity words and instill hatred against BN but never try to insult the wisdom of the Johorians,” he said in a FB posting.

Zahid also said the present voters are wise enough to be sucked into such a situation.

“The people are wise to choose between the fools and wise. Its not the right manner to educate the public, especially the young 19-years of age voters.”