Set up a task force to monitor students’ basic need

KUALA LUMPUR, March 31 – A special task force is recommended to look into the basic need of students, notably the undergraduates.

Party President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said it is necessary to avoid any misleading perception and uncalled scrutiny over petty things that arise.

“The comment by a lecturer over a student who doesn’t have a laptop as a study tool was miscontrued. Although it drew many pro and con reactions, it shows that many out there still can’t afford to buy computers for education, especially when online classes are concerned,” he said.

“The government and local leaders must take it up seriously. We need an effective intervention to holistically address the issue.

“Education is the people’s basic right. Nobody should be deprived of acquiring it. Yes we are a big family but not everybody share similar livelihood,” he said in a FB posting.

As such, he urged the government to find a comprehensive solution to it.

“Its not about the UiTM case per se. I am convinced there are still many out there facing similar problems. I suggest the establishment of the task force to look into it,” adding that the pandemic since the last two years had unveiled many weaknesses to the current system, particularly education.