Beware of the ‘living deads’, says Tengku Adnan

RAMADAN greetings. A glorious month of blessings.
Lately, some leaders from certain parties made a ‘comeback’ and have been portraying themselves in times when the people are still plagued with hardship. The ‘deads’ are alive again.
This includes the ministers during the PH and PN era who now putting effort for the ‘Keluarga Malaysia’ government to extent or renew the MoU which will expire in July.
The question is whether they are back because rumors about the general election is rife?
That is why I want to ask the public to be vigilant with this kind of people. They are the type who surface during election and will disappear from those who voted for them.

For instance, Putrajaya and the Parliament. There are leaders of a party who suddenly appeared and seen distributing dates and calendars. Weird!

Of course it is not wrong since this is Ramadan. But why only now? Where were they before all this while?
In previous years, no one showed up to give anything, even last year during Ramadan during Covid. Not even a single PPBM leader came forward.
So, it is not impossible for such a thing to happen everywhere in our country. They are everywhere. That is why I ask everyone to be vigilant and not to be deceived again.
Indeed, the tactics and modus operandi are similar to the era before GE14.
I have gone through many difficult times as the Opposition, pressed and pressured but I came out strong albeit no assistance from Putrajaya. I continued extending help to the people.
It is not to leverage, but the donations by the Putrajaya Parliamentary Service Center under me had never stopped. From the time of the BN government until it became the Opposition, it continues.
I always seek help in any situation even if I am pressured and produced in court. I never forgot my responsibility to the people. Contributionswere made in various forms, including basic facilities like rice, milk, biscuits, bread, oil, canned foods other than fish, frozen chicken, meat burgers and others.
In this month of Ramadan, the Maidatul Rahman Nur Ramadan Program has become a tradition in Putrajaya, still running from its early days.
To the people, re-evaluate between PH and PN who both have PPBM compared to BN which remains strong for them nation. Once bitten twice shy. Think about it.

UMNO Treasurer
Ahli Parlimen Putrajaya