Bella case: ‘Stop slandering me and the party’

KUALA LUMPUR, Apr 17 –  Party President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi warns the opponents not to harper on slander and hate politics again, including associating him and Umno with Bella’s case.

He also denies of an attempt to protect the accused in the case by providing 10 lawyers, which is now getting wide attention of the nation.

In a FB posting, the Bagan Datuk MP says whoever was behind the case must be brought to justice.

“However, I regret it that some quarters tried to implicate me with the case. What did I do? Accusing me of protecting the accused is not right since I know her. Many people out there are active in politics, and I have assisted some of them financially, especially for charity purposes.

“No way that I will protect those involved in unlawful activity.”

Zahid says insinuating his role just because the accused was seen in a photo with was also wrong because he never turned down any request to do so.

“Let the court decides. Accusing my involvement is outrageous. Should I have a hand in the judiciary, may as well I use it on my case, fabricated by the 22-month government.

“So, please, do not make wild accusation.”