Nothing strange in believing ‘Pasleaks’ – Shahril

MORE and more Perikatan Nasional (PN) leaders hinted that its illogical and inapproprite for someone to take up the Pasleaks document as true and valid.

They dubbed it as trash document and those who take it seriously are insane.

However, it is not strange and shocking if many Umno members start quesioning it because what derived from deliberations in Pasleaks is consistent with the party’s stand on Umno.

– Trying to meddle in Umno’s affairs.

– Trying to dictate Umno of what to do and with whom it should cooperate.

– Trying to wreck Umno. It is already happening with regards to action and statements by PN leaders.

Unless they acknowledge that Umno and BN can administer the nation much better than they are. This is hard to believe.

The truth is, Umno members have long believe the efforts by our opponents to demean and weaken us, so we can’t avoid but feel askance towards the Pasleaks report.

Of course we are not able to confirm it. If its true, then we would like to know why those attended the meeting simply leaked it out. Are they representing Pas members, and we don’t even know if it was altered with additional materials to tarnish Umno’s image after its rise.

What we know is, the report did not sway much from what is actually Pas is doing against Umno.

As to whether its true or not, doesn’t matter but for one reason, why is this issue boiling?


Shahril Hamdan
Information Chief