President’s message on Umno’s 76th Anniversary

President’s message in conjunction with Umno’s 76th Anniversary:
Dear Umno members,
Those alleging that Umno is no longer relevant are making a big mistake. They were day dreaming by assuming the impossible.
Umno on the other hand is like a big tree that is waiting to bear more fruits.
Although it once seemed almost fallen down in a storm, its roots are so intact and strong. The lofty Umno tree remains firmly on the ground.

Dear friends.

Umno was born with tears and sacrifice of the Malay.
Umno was born at Istana Melayu Johor and remains the largest Malay party since 11 May 1946.
Umno faced the Malayan Union formed by the British for the survival of the Malays.
Umno defends the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers.
Umno upholds the interests of the Malays and strengthens the religious law.
Umno is also a political party with the spirit of Malay nationalism centered on Islam.
And because of that, the party is still entrenched in the hearts of the Malays.
However, Umno has never neglected the rights of the non-Malays.
The decades long history of Umno administration has shaped up the country well.
Dear friends.
Umno will return as victor in the next GE. Our practices are consensual and not divisive. God Willing, the people will be with us because Umno is for them.
Happy 76th Anniversary of UMNO