MN fracas: PAS should stop its blame game

PAS Information Chief YB Senator Khairil Nizam had yesterday stated that his party would continue the ummah unification agenda even though Umno President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has turned it down.

This is my take.
First, the statement is not right.
Second, this is not the candor words of a party wanting to seek unification. Tell me, how do you want to propose a unification when you undermine other?

Third, you invites Umno and PAS members who wondered why MN suddenly became ice-cold by blaming it on our President. At the same time, diverting our attention to the real cause of the discrepancy, which is PAS’s stance itself, and the string of events surrounding it.

Please bear in mind that this ‘Penyatuan Ummah’ did not start after Umno lost in GE14 only but has its roots, for example our solidarity in the issue of the Rohingyans.
Our President continued this collaboration with more detailed discussions to unite the two parties in Muafakat Nasional.
But MN was only fertile until the formation of Perikatan Nasional where Umno did not agree to join. However, PAS without became a component party of PN without even notifying us. This story has been revealed many times and will continue to be repeated as long as Umno is blamed. This incident is the starting point for estrangement between us.
But our President is big-hearted. In fact, he still opens the door to negotiations in the last two state elections. Through the MN Committee, we agreed that each party will use their respective emblems and machinery, and to assist each other.
Hoever, in Melaka, Umno’s simple request for PAS to use its own symbol and not PN could not be fulfilled by PAS. A clear signal from PAS: PN is more important.
In the Johor PRN, our Secretary-General revealed that PAS had not applied to cooperate with Umno even though Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had issued a statement that PAS would discuss with us.
On the other hand, your President (Hadi Awang) labeled our President as a duck with broken legs. Umno on the other hand was demonised when he urged voters to bury Umno.
On top of that, we still offered them to come back to Muafakat Nasional. But with statements like yesterday’s where your still demean us, isn’t it PAS actually wanting to abandon MN?
Let me asked my friend Ir. Khairil to propose to PAS leaders for the MN  committee reconvenes again if they really want to continue it, and stop attacking Umno leaders on social media. We are not looking for disputes. But if it happens, we will to defend ourselves.


Umno Information Chief