‘You wanted to join MN but set up PN instead’

PPBM Information Chief Datuk Wan Saiful Wan Jan tried to play a jjig-saw puzzle by questioning his party’s inception into MN (Muafakat Nasional) ever since they were invited two years ago. Let me be downright by answering him on that matter.

First, Bersatu was formed to replace Umno. This is clear when almost half of its Members of Parliament and almost all party leadership in Sabah after GE15 were former Umno reps dubbed as traitors by Umno’s grassroots. This clearly explains why Umno rejected Bersatu.

Secondly, PPBM was never sincere. This was reflective during Sabah state election when they paraded 17 candidates against BN’s. On top of that, they simply put Independents who were pro Datuk Seri Hajiji with the intention to split the votes for BN.

This happened after Umno let go of its traditional seats in Sulaman, Kawang, Membakut and others to Bersatu. Umno itself did not contest in the areas nor having Independents.

Thirdly, Bersatu registered Perikatan Nasional without discussing it over with Umno. This shows how PPBM which was formed to replace Umno, had once again betrayed BN.

Bersatu knew that should it had joined MN, it won’t be able to dominate others. That is why they formed PN and luring Pas to become its component party. Even BN components were wooed without acknowledging Umno. So, was there a reason to accept them into MN?

What was decided by PAU2021 was crystal clear. There won’t be any ties with PPBM in the 15th general election.


Information Chief