We are not caretaker, says Secretary-General

KUALA LUMPUR, July 8 – Secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan has denied allegations that the party’s current leadership is just a caretaker .
The party Constitution itself had stated that the Supreme Working Council (MKT) had the right to postpone the election for no more than 18 months.
“There are allegations that office bearers are now caretakers or guardians, that they assume Umno cannot make any policy decision because of that status.
“In the Constitution, Clause 10.16 reads’ The Supreme Working Council has the right to postpone elections at the Supreme Working Council, Division and Branch levels. This postponement shall not be more than 18 months from the origin date it is supposed to be held ‘ .
“The Council has already decided to postpone the election for 18 months. The postponement was confirmed through a letter of approval from the Department of Registration of Societies (ROS) on 30 August 2021. This means that the terms of incumbents are extended until 29 December 2022,” he said in a statement.
The Pontian MP further said that in that position, Umno has the right to make any decision in the interest of the party as stipulated in the Constitution (Clause 10.15) which reads ‘Take any steps other than the above for the completion of the party’s path’.
“During the extension of the period, there was no term caretaker in the Constitution. In my meeting with the RoS, they confirmed that the current office bearers do not have caretaker status .
“The total number of office bearers, apart from 56 MKT members, are Women, Youth and Puteri Exco at 191 divisional, so are those at 21,156 branches.
“During the extension, Umno has, among others, entered the Melaka State Election (PRN) on 20 Nov 2021, participated in the Johor PRN on 12 March 2022, held the General Assembly on 16 to 19 March 2021 and held a Special General Assembly on 15 May 2022. Everything is valid,” he said.
Commenting on the amendment to the Constitution, he said the party is still waiting for RoS approval.
“I am sure Umno has implemented the amendment in accordance with the procedures. Amendments to Clause 10.16 of was decided at the Special General Assembly, and it was in accordance with Clause 30.
“We believe and hope there are no obstacles for the ROS to approve this amendment. The approval is also the same given to the MCA,” he said.