Only friends will oppose MoU renewal – Shahril

THERE were reports that an Umno leader said ‘Umno is our biggest enemy at the moment’. I am not sure what he meant but one of the reasons is because the leadership did not want to renew the MoU with the Opposition.
First of all, who is ‘we’ and ‘our enemy’? As I comprehend it, ‘we’ adhere to the party’s decision on April 14, 2022, where the MKT has made several decisions, namely:
1. The position of the MoU between the Government and Pakatan Harapan will not be continued after 31 July 2022.
2. The tabling of the Anti-Hopping Law must be pursued and supported for approval without any hindrance. Umno is of the view that this Act needs to be tabled immediately to ensure that voters regain confidence in the country’s democratic system. God willing, this Act will be tabled, debated, and approved at the next Parliament sitting beginning Monday.
3. A Special General Assembly was held to ratify the motion of the General Assembly 2021 regarding the amendment of the party Constitution on the party election.
4. Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Ismail Sabri was unanimously proposed by the Supreme Working Council as the Prime Ministerial poster boy in GE15.
Decisions (2), (3) and (4) are either already, or are in progress. Remaining (1) which can only be applied after 31 July.
This is the way the leadership and MKT make decisions – consult and then respect the decision.
This does not arise on anyone’s agenda. It’s a joint decision in a meeting. There is no question of Umno being ‘our enemy’.
Second, the purpose and rationale of Umno’s decision on the Government’s MOU with the Opposition must be seen accordingly to avoid it being sensationalized.
The MOU that exists today has helped political stability during a different atmosphere last year. It derived from the dual-partisan maturity praised by SPB Yang Dipertuan Agong himself in royal decree. After the change of 3 Prime Ministers in one term, the understanding between the Government and the Opposition has subdued the heat, thus allowing the administration to run without continuous question marks.
But now it’s the end of the term. The GE will arrive soon. Here, Umno and the PM from Umno must have space to determine the appropriate date. Consciously or not, with the existing MoU, the duration was closed for a period as there was an agreement not to dissolve Parliament before 31 July 2022. It doesn’t matter, we understand the situation at the time and the benefits are greater; but now the scenario is different.
That is why the party decided that after July 31, our hands will no longer be tied and the option will be in the hands of the PM. The PM and the public are aware of the PAU’s decision to mandate the Top 5 to discuss.
Clearly, other issues in the MoU regarding administrative transformation including the Anti-Hopping Bill, Parliamentary reform and other matters can be continued in the spirit of maturity. But the question of the bond until July 31, does not need to be extended.
So the MKT decision actually gives an advantage and space to Umno and the PM.
Once again, there is no question that Umno is an ‘enemy’ to its members.
Information Chief