Don’t blame the RoS, says Ahmad Maslan

BANGI, July 18 – Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan advised all quarters not to blame the Registrar of Societies (RoS) pertaining to Umno’s Constitution amendment since the agency was given more timeframe to work on it.

He said Barisan Nasional also must not be blamed as the coalition has urged the agency to give its answer.

“I don’t to see any blame game, that RoS refused to listen to BN or what… stop it.

“We should give them more time… maybe another week or two,” he said here, yesterday.

The Pontian MP said the additional time is necessary for RoS to weigh all documents presented to them.

“Since they have asked for another eight additional documents, the time is considered sufficient,” he said while refuting allegations on some news portals claiming the amendment has been approved.

Umno has submitted its application to defer the party election six months after the general election.

RoS said on July 7 that a decision would be announced yesterday.