BN determined to take back Negeri Sembilan

SEREMBAN, 29 July – Barisan Nasional (BN) is determined to take back Negeri Sembilan in the next general election, said Deputy Chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.
The Umno Deputy President also said that the most important thing now is to organise the work.
“We will seize Negeri Sembilan, that is BN’s priority. We must work hard and fully organised.
“We lost before because of the internal problems. Solve it first before we face the election. Whatever the sentiment is, Negeri Sembilan should be taken back if the state government wants to hold an early election.
“The Negeri Sembilan government does not want to hold a joint election… no problem , we hold the Parliament first. God willing, the State Assembly (DUN) of Labu, Lenggeng, Kuala Klawang, Pilah and other state constituency in Negeri Sembilan.”
He said this when met by the media at Wisma Umno Negeri Sembilan, here today.
The Rantau rep also hopes that the BN machinery will continue to be strengthened.