President’s statement on Najib case

1. UMNO is saddened with the conclusion of Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak trial meted out by the Federal Court on 23rd of August 2022.
2. UMNO is upset when the process for the former Prime Minister legal team to further defend him with new evidence and argument were denied and rejected by the court.
3. The Federal Court verdict cannot deny Dato’ Sri Najib’s significant contribution in steering Malaysia’s tremendous achievement until it was gloomed by the two previous governments after GE14.
4. Although behind bars now, the former UMNO President has shown formidable fighting spirit in joining the party leadership to take UMNO surging again after the GE14 defeat.
5. UMNO will forever remain with him in his other trials and to ensure he gets true justice and without any political intimidation.
6. To all UMNO members, please remain calm but with strong determination to correct all the injustices in the system.
7. This includes the revelation by former Attorney-General Tommy Thomas about the political intervention by the Pakatan Harapan Prime Minister in the appointment of top judges and in the judiciary.
24 August 2022