‘Are you afraid of GE by citing flood as an excuse?’

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 23 – Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi questions Umno/BN rivals as to why they are using ‘flood and monsoon’ as the excuse to delay the 15th general election.

He says are they actually afraid to face the general election, or something else.

“Please be honest with your answer. Are you scared to give back the mandate to the people? It has been two years since they tried to avoid the people from their democratic right.

“Majority of Malaysians have now realised who these parties are. Maybe they have yet to establish something new to dodge the people again, so the came up with such excuses,” he sais in a FB posting.

He says the people should go the poll again to choose a government which can ensure stability and prosperity to them and the nation.

Meanwhile, in another posting, he says GE15 will proof how solid Umno is despite efforts by various sectors to demonise and ridiculing it.

“Our BN family is ever stronger now and we are not afraid of anything. We are ready for the general election.

“It will be a bad dream for them once the Parliament is dissolved.”