Link with DAP is a liability to Umno: Nur Jazlan

UMNO’s links to DAP in the unity coalition is making it difficult for the party to regain Malay support, according to Supreme Council member Nur Jazlan Mohamed.

Nur Jazlan, formerly the MP for Pulai and once a deputy minister in Najib Razak’s cabinet, told Utusan Malaysia that Umno was already finding it challenging to win back the support of Malays and that DAP was hardly helping.

He said Umno was “sincere in making this unity government a success,” and had thus tried to avoid voicing its opinions on matters of support.

“But when we stay quiet, DAP is the one who makes these kinds of statements,” he said in a rebuke to Perak DAP vice-chairman Abdul Aziz Bari, who recently said Malay support had shifted from Umno to Perikatan Nasional.

Nur Jazlan said DAP should instead appreciate Umno’s role in helping it and Pakatan Harapan form the federal government.