Information chiefs important to clear all issues

PARTY presdent Ahmad Zahid Hamidi wants all division chiefs to empower their respective information chief to feed grassroots with the right exlanation to certain issues.

He said Umno/BN is capable of winning more seats in the 16th general election if the information machinery is at its best.

“Vice presidebt Khaled Nordin just mentioned that if we don’t break into disharmony by GE16, work harder and change our attitude, Umno will be able to win more seats.

“That is why this Townhall arena which is organised by Information Chief Azalina Othman Said for the first time, should be held annually during the general assembly,” he said during the Townhall program, yesterday.

The BN chairman also hoped all information chiefs will reach out to the grassroots by giving them the right explanation about any issue.