Good news for preachers in Budget 2024

INCREASED allowances for preachers under the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) might be on the cards during the upcoming Budget 2024.

The Deputy Prime Minister alluded to this while officiating the Madani Mualaf Convention at the Institut Latihan Islam Malaysia (ILIM) in Bangi on Tuesday (Oct 10).

When met by reporters, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi explained that the allowances for these preachers needed to be more due to the challenges faced in their duties.

“In the past, these preachers or ‘mubalighs’ were categorised as spreading the Islamic teachings voluntarily. However, the state Islamic bodies and Jakim have taken several initiatives to place them as contracted preachers. The allowances given to them, in relative terms, are still low.

“We will wait for the announcement by the Prime Minister this Friday when his speech for the Budget is read. I am unsure if this is part of the Budget, but it is what we asked for,” he said.

When asked if such allowances would align with the set minimum wage, he said that it should be by right.

“By right, that is the way. Allowances and pay for contract workers must at least be on par with the minimum wage,” he said.