The best budget thus far, says Zahid Hamidi

DEPUTY Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the 2024 Budget on Friday was the best thus far, and no one should try to politicise it.

According to him, the national budget tabled yesterday was better than those of previous years.

“Long-term plans are spelt out in the 12th Malaysia Plan and there is also a mid-term review. In fact, the Economy Ministry is also drawing up various plans.

“The annual budget should not be viewed solely in the context of current needs but should also be taken for its short- and medium-term (proposals),” he said in Gua Musang on Saturday.

He said what was emphasised by the Prime Minister had been comprehensively researched and Budget 2024 took into consideration the interests of all sectors of society.

“I believe this budget is better than the ones before this,” he added. – Bernama