SDs are meaningless, says Asyraf Wajdi

A VOTE of no confidence is the only last ditch attempt the opposition has if it intends to oust the current administration, said Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.

“The last chance to change the government is through a no confidence vote in Parliament.

“If there are at all those who signed the statutory declaration (SD), it only shows that they are afraid of expressing their support openly.

“Maybe that is why the Opposition is not brave enough to propose a vote of no confidence although challenged by the Prime Minister to do so,” the Umno secretary-general said in a Facebook post on Monday (Jan 8).

He called on the Opposition to stop their unhealthy polemics and wait for the polls.

“It is only a four year wait till the general election is held to fulfil the opposition’s need to be the government,” he added.