Zafrul resigns as Selangor Umno treasurer

INVESTMENT, Trade and Industry (MITI) Minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz has resigned as Selangor Umno treasurer.

Tengku Zafrul said that he had personally witnessed how the Umno president and the leadership at the central level had continuously formulated plans to revive the party at the central level.

He added that regardless of the effectiveness of the planning at the central level, implementation also happens at the state and grassroots level as well, adding that it also depends on the attitude and approach of the Umno state leadership.

“I cannot comment on other states, but for my state, Selangor, the execution has been lackluster and sometimes not in line with the themes set by the central leadership.

“My approach and principles are simple, if I cannot contribute to any positive changes or improvements, then I should not hold a position.

“It is better for me to vacate the position for someone who can contribute more effectively.

“Effective immediately, I resign from the position of Selangor Umno treasurer,” he said in a Facebook post Monday (April 1).

Tengku Zafrul was appointed as Selangor Umno treasurer on April 12 last year.

He explained that when he was chosen as the Umno supreme council member from Selangor and appointed as the Selangor Umno treasurer over a year ago, his primary goal was to contribute to the revival of Umno in the state.

“Selangor is a highly significant state for any political party. Its diverse demographics with a majority base of Malay Bumiputra, coupled with the urban-rural composition, reflect the broader dynamics of Malaysia.

“Its economic vibrancy consistently places Selangor as the focal point for all activities.

“As a result, if a party lacks a strong presence in Selangor, it becomes difficult to be recognised as a national party or a party for the future. To avoid this reality, effective strategies need to be devised in accordance with the current realities,” he added.

Citing the results of the state elections in Selangor last year, he said it should serve as a clear indication that immediate changes are necessary.

“Among other things, offers to Selangor voters must be comprehensive, tested, and reviewed with stakeholders.

“Cooperation with other parties must be strengthened, not weakened by the assumption that Umno’s problems lie solely in its relations with other parties, especially when those relations already exist at the central level,” he said. – The Star