Wage hike a recognition to civil service

THE more than 13 per cent increase in civil servant salaries, among the highest ever, reflects the government’s commitment to them, says Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Zahid said while this increase is two years overdue according to the government’s agreement with civil servants, which mandates a salary review every 10 years, it comes as a relief to them after a long wait.

“The delay was due to changes in previous governments, and today the prime minister’s decision brings joy to the civil servants.

“This is among the largest increases so far.

“Despite financial constraints, the prime minister remains committed to appreciating the service of civil servants nationwide,” he told reporters at the Jelebu parliamentary and the Umno state liaison body Hari Raya open house in Jelebu, Wednesday.

He said that with the salary increase starting in December this year, civil servants are expected to enhance productivity and service performance.

Zahid believes civil servants have no problem doing so and will redouble their efforts in their respective fields.