Strengthen PAS UMNO Cooperation

1. A CHIDISH remark by Dr Mahathir Mohamad for PAS to confirm that UMNO is Islamic before cooperating with it, is meant only to jeopardise UMNO-PAS effort.

2. To me, this reflects his worry about such a cooperation which can give a threat to Pakatan Harapan. Hence, I am of the opinion that we should not give it a heed but to focus on effort to make UMNO-PAS ‘taawun’ a success together with other friendly parties.

3. The political pact of ‘taawun’ endorsed by PAS’ ulama and members during its ‘muktamar’ reflects how sincere PAS is to cooperate with UMNO. To move forward seem inevitable now as both are the largest Malay parties for the country.

4. If Dr Mahathir still wants to rake the past, he better mirror himself. He who once spat on DAP is now hand-in-hand with them, especially with Lim Kit Siang. The same goes with Mohamad Sabu and Anwar Ibrahim.

5. The people, notably the younger generation are beginning to know who Dr Mahathir is. They are already blas with his political style as it failed to serve the country’s stability and even their mindset.

6. The Muslim Malays and others are now giving full support to ‘penyatuan ummah’ between UMNO and PAS. This is proven in recent by-elections namely Cameron Highlands, Semenyih and Rantau.

7. In reality, the people are still demanding answers as to why the PH government failed to deliver their manifesto promises. However, they are given many lame excuses and lies. The rakyat didn’t want to be cheated and dodged all over again since Dr Mahathir’s government subscribes to ‘cheating politic’.

UMNO Information Chief
24 Jun 2019

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