Palestine: UMNO is consistent, Government must make a clear stand

LAST Tuesday witnessed how US President Donald Trump finally announced the Middle East Peace Plan which was long delayed. However, the plan which was drawn up by Trump’s son-in-law who is also his adviser on Middle East affairs only secures the Israeli interest and not the Palestinians.

It was drafted without the consent of the Palestinians. The Plan totally exclude the rights and interest of the Palestinians who are openly fall under the Israelis’ atrocities.

By recognising Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel, turning Bekaa Valley in Jordan as an Israeli region, recognising all illegal settlements on Palestinian soil as legitimate and by imposing the Jews’ law and regulation on all occupied territories are against all international norms.

UMNO is consistent in its stand and is against any trade-off approach in Baitulmuqaddis, Bekaa Valley, Israeli settlements on the Palestine lands and the rights of the Palestinians to return to their country.

UMNO will not at all recognise an Israel state and will remains with its stand to label the Jew state as terrorists against the interest and sovereignty of the Palestine people.

UMNO will pursue efforts to defend, support and recognise the legitimate rights of the Palestinians over their land. It will advocate to any measures to continue condemning Israel as the aggressor and terrorist against the Palestinians.

The Malaysian government must reject and condemn Trump’s Plan and avow Malaysians’ firm stand in this matter.

Dato Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Haji Hasan
Timbalan Presiden UMNO

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