COVID-19: We are on the right track

THE 3rd phase of Movement Control Order (MCO) will end soon. A statement by the Health Ministry yesterday noted that it was not certain as to whether the MCO will be further extended or ended, depending on all data obtained.

The cumulative graft on active and discharged cases was only detected on April 14 when the MCO was entering its 3rd phase and on the 33rd day the contagion chain was snapped.

This shows that the war against Covid-19 is not at all easy. We need more than a month to find a balance to the active and discharged cases.

In order to win over Covid-19 pandemic, we need not only more time but to sacrifice our normalcy in life and adapt to the new ones.

In the meantime, no ‘solat berjemaah’ and ‘terawih’ prayers will allowed in mosques, no Ramadan bazzar and no to visiting relatives and friends.

My hope is whatever decision taken by the government, as to whether the MCO is extended or not, we should stay calm and take it as our common obligation.

Although our nation is on the right track in its war against Covid-19, we must march on as one to chalk a legitimate victory.

Do pray for it.


Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
Presiden UMNO

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