President’s message on UMNO 74th Anniversary

OUR gratitude to God The Almighty, UMNO still stand tall for Malaysians, religion and the nation. At 74, we are no longer exclusive for the Malays but must represent other races toward a common national aspiration.

Our movement is limited during regulations imposed to fight against Covid-19. Divisional and branch meetings were postponed. All divisions are busy with effort to assist the people. This demonstrates how UMNO still dominates the hearts of the people.

At this maturity age, members must comprehend with our struggle, elevate it in the name of religion, the masses and the nation in a comprehensive way. We must represent all and willing to cooperate with whoever sharing the same turf with us.

The political landscape has undergo rapid changes, and that includes our approach. UMNO must be turned as the people’s political ideology for a better living and a more secured future.

Although we already have a foot in Perikatan Nasional government, there is nothing to shout about. Our support is only to get rid of a politburo regime, putting an end to a dynasty government, and applying a stop gap on the power-crazy and fraudulent administration ruling us for 22 months. They have caused us many problems, and the nation image was smeared internationally.

UMNO does not have a legitimate power. UMNO is not power-crazy but is serious in preparing the future generations with a better place to live. With the Malays holding the core of administration and Islam as its thrust, past mistakes can be avoided.

The future is still in slalom, our struggle is still miles ahead but we must stay united. Put an end to individual politics that shattered us as what we had observed after the 14th general elections.

We now have Muafakat Nasional. Polish and fortify it like what it had achieved in the last five by-elections. We can advance much further if we are dedicated and have a strong willpower.

This is not the time for comfort and complacency. We must be well-prepared in all aspects, including nurturing and identifying future leaders and as to how fast we adapt ourselves to the evolving geopolitics in the country. We make the calls.

In conjunction with UMNO 74th anniversary, I urge all members to remain solidly united and embrace the party’s struggle and put a halt to becoming enemies within. Together we march on.



UMNO President