Chini is BN-PN manifest, says Zahid

PEKAN, June 27 – UMNO president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says the Chini by-election is a manifestation of BN co-operation with the National Alliance (PN).
He said although PN was not officially registered, the PN spirit was interpreted as a continuation of the success of the by-election.
The Chini by-election is the sixth by-election for BN but this is a manifestation as it is the first time BN with PN has outgrown its BN candidate.
“Previously won the National Assembly and the unification of the Ummah. PN has not been formally registered but the PN spirit has been translated as a continuation of the success of the by-election,” he told the media after a lunch program with the villagers at Dewan Dato ‘Seri Abu Bakar is here.
Speaking about candidate,  Zahid said when BN fielded someone from Felda’s second generation, it is not just a manifestation of Felda settlers, voters in traditional villages and indigenous areas but it is the voice of the young people that will continue to be raised when the BN candidate is elected as assemblyman here.
“I believe he can not only bring up the people’s issues but also the voice of the youth,” he said.
Meanwhile, in his speech, Zahid said Chini by-election would also be a proof that BN is still accepted by the people.
“In the past after the 14th general election, it seems that BN symbol is irrelevant but the last five elections indicate that it still acceptable to the people.
“The Chini by-election is the first by-election after the establishment of PN and this is the first test to show that BN is still in favor of the people and hence the symbol of ‘dacing’ is still popular,” he said.
UMNO President