Show your sincerity of power sharing in Slim by-election

WHAT is the meaning of power sharing if there is no support for Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate in the Slim by-election, said BN Chairman and UMNO President, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who wanted the number of votes for BN not only exceeds what it secured in GE14 but must takes into account the 4,000 from PAS and 6,000 from PPBM.
“If you can’t, you have to ask again what is the value of power sharing if there is no support for victory. If we want to share, let it be with full sharing, there is no agenda behind the scenes because we do not want UMNO and BN to be a stepping stone.
“Do not fool around with BN and Muafakat Nasional because our message is only one, which is to prove honesty and sincerity for power sharing,” he said.
Zahid who is also the Member of Parliament for Bagan Datuk said this at the launching of BN Youth Machinery at the BN Command Center in Tanjung Malim, last Saturday.
He added that the Slim by-election is the right time to prove that the party’s support remains with BN.
“This is the right time for MCA youth to prove to bring permanent support to BN and will be able to reach the set number of Chinese voters which is 600 that can even be up to 1,200. For MIC, Makkal Sakti and IPF, make sure to seize back the support we lost in the last GE and prove support for BN.”
He stressed that Bersatu (PPBM) also must prove their sincerity by working together with BN. “This is because the victory in Slim will be a benchmark for BN’s victory in the 15th GE.”
In his speech, Zahid also said BN gives power to BN Youth to act as ‘polling agents’, ‘counting agents’ and ‘barong agents’ (PACABA).
The EC has set 14 days as a campaign period that begins with the nomination of candidates. The by-election saw a three-cornered fight involving BN candidate Mohd Zaidi Aziz and two Independent S Santharasekaran and Amir Khusyairi Mohamad Tanusi.