UMNO never issued support letter for Anwar as PM

UMNO Executive Secretary Datuk Mohd Sumali Reduan said the president office had never issued a letter that went viral purportedly prepared by the party president to support an Opposition leader as the 9th prime minister.

He said those who viralled the letter were overboard and was the job of certain quarters with vested interest to smear the Umno’s president good name.

“Let me stress it out that the president’s office had never issued such a letter.

“It was me and other presidential officials who are responsible in preparing whatever letters with the official letterhead and will not be out without a reference number,” he said in a media statement.

The statement was over a letter that went viral, purportedly a show of support to Anwar Ibrahim as the 9th premier.

It was said to have been presented to the King, citing Umno president and some of its Members of Parliament (MPs) giving an undivided support for Anwar to replace the presence prime minister.