i-Sinar: UMNO Youth suggests three improvements

1. Since the detailed announcement on the i-Sinar initiative by the EPF yesterday, UMNO Youth Movement has received tens of thousands of responses in various platforms, including on social media, whatsapp and phone calls.
2. On average, they expressed anger and disappointment over the EPF’s decision which was seen as more complicated than the expectations given by the Honorable Minister of Finance during the winding-up session of the 2021 Budget Bill.
3. The majority of the people who speak up think that EPF is not sincere and is seen as failing to translate the voices of the people and the Government’s promise to ease the burden of those who are currently facing real hardships and difficulties in the pandemic era.
4. Therefore, UMNO Youth urges the EPF to stop trying to make excuses and immediately take corrective action and improvement.
5. Three UMNO Youoth proposals are as follows:
(i) Repeal all conditions that are inconvenient to contributors who wish to withdraw their savings;
(ii) Reduce the bureaucracy by shortening the period for applicants to receive the first payment from 3 months to a maximum of 1 month.
(iii) Give the option to EPF members to withdraw a maximum of RM10,000 in one-off disbursement after the application is approved.
6. In addition to these 3 initial suggestions, UMNO Youth is committed to our promise as a monitoring party to the implementation of i-Sinar, and will continue to bring all rakyat’s woes and predicaments to the Government.
UMNO Youth Chief
3 December 2020