Covid-19 won’t erode our democracy

MALAYSIA is in a very ‘unprecedented’ situation in its history.
The pandemic is spreading, the economy is collapsing, the country is placed under a state of emergency, the constitution is suspended and the Parliament is not functioning.
We agree that the Government’s decision in declaring this emergency is only to ensure that this Covid-19 pandemic is put under control.
However, it would be nice if the Government declared “the state of Health Emergency” and introduced specific ordinances for that purpose.
Only improving health strategies, improving disease control such as the MCO approach and accelerating immunization will restore Malaysia health status.
Suspending the Constitution either partially or completely will not help restore this pandemic.
UMNO will support all the government efforts to contain this epidemic. This stance has no bargaining chip. But UMNO will also do its best to restore democracy and restore the function of the Constitution.
Malaysia is a successful democracy. In fact, it is the best example of a democratic country among Islamic world.
Malaysian democracy cannot be defeated by pandemics or any challenge that plagues this country. And it will continue to be a state of law with the Constitution.

Dato’ Seri Utama Mohamad Haji Hasan
UMNO Deputy President