PdP: Listen to the parents

TODAY is the second day our children undergo online Teaching and Learning (PdP) sessions at home.
However, I received many complaints yesterday, only after a day it was implemented throughout the country. Many complained on my Facebook about the constraints faced by parents in helping our their children on the PdP.
The most common constraint is not enough gadgets for parents who have many children.
Second is the outdated specification of the laptops or cell phones in use.
Third is the internet problem, notably those in rural areas.
Such complaints still arise at the back of the government announcement that a special tax relief of up to 2,500 ringgit is up for grab on the purchase of mobile phones, computers and tablets as well as the free provision of 1 Gigabit data.
The announcement is deemed as not sufficient to overcome such predicaments.
They are in a dilemma. Shackled by anxiety. No parents want to see their child lagging in education. This problem was once raised by the people during PKP 1.0 but there was no total solution before PKP 2.0 was implemented.
A few days ago I myself raised this concern but there was no response from the authorities. In that post, I include suggestions for additional methods to make it easier for our children to get access to education.
I suggest one of the government-owned television channels be fully utilized for the purpose of children’s learning. Broadcast slots can be divided according to core subjects n years 1 to 6 as well as form 1 to 5 students. Students are required to follow the learning schedule set by the MOE through the educational channel on the television.
Please do not take it lightly. Their children have rights for better education.
If my proposal is justified, I would like to ask the authorities to consider its suitability. If it is useful, do it. If it is otherwise, look for other ways to help them.
The country needs a knowledgeable generation.
# PdPR2.0
Ahmad Zahid Hamidi
UMNO President