Stiffer penalty needed for child abuser

1. Wanita UMNO Malaysia expressed its heartfelt sympathy over the death of a 7-year-old child as a result of being abused in Melaka last Friday. Even more disappointing when it was reported that the perpetrators were the victim’s biological mother and stepfather.
2. The family is supposed to be a place of refuge but unfortunately it happens the other way around.
3. Wanita takes it seriously. Therefore, Wanita urges the authorities to take firm action immediately so that the perpetrators are brought to justice as well as a lesson to the public.
4. Similarly, Wanita also hopes the government and related parties look into the level of mental health of the people who are somewhat affected by COVID-19 pandemic.
5. Based on statistics of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), cases of child abuse involving parents increased by 20 per cent during the Movement Control Order (PKP) period which started in March last year.
6. Such cases reflect the mental disturbance of some people who are increasingly adversely affected venting their frustration on children.
7. Let us  work together so that things like this can be overcome.
Wanita Chief