Tommy Thomas, a disgrace to AG institution

I USED to sit side by side with former Attorney General Tommy Thomas and former Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Mohamad Ariff Md Yusof during PH early term. I accepted the invitation not only to prove that UMNO is ready to exchange views and debate with them, but also over my respect for the institutions and positions they held.
In that regards, I was interested when this day or two there was a controversy regarding the memoir written by Tommy Thomas (TT) entitled “My Story: Justice in the Wilderness”, what he actually wrote that it became the talk of the town.
To comment on anything, of course you must read it first. After reading it, I understood why it became a sensation until someone lodged a police report and started a lawsuit.
Attorney General is not a small position. It is stipulated under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution. Of course when becoming the an Attorney General, even after the expiration of the term of service, there is an ethics and “decorum” he must follow. Can’t write freely as if you want to be an “insider” journalist.
But not for TT. Full of insult and slander. The Big Boss PM7 who appointed him, the good PM6 and even PM2 were not spared from his ridicule.
TT’s writing about the late Tun Razak is very sad, moreover it comes from a former Attorney General. Among the quotes on May 13 incident, he blindly points a finger at Tun Razak.
“Why did Malay youths brandishing parangs..turn on their fellow citizens, the Chinese..on..May 13th, 1969? The evidence points to a coup by Tun Razak “… “He was anxious to take over”… “An open challenge by Tun Razak would have failed. The matter was compounded by a critical fact that Malaysians were not aware of. Tun Razak had been told he was suffering from leukemia, and was given five to six years to live, a medical prognosis that turned out to be accurate ”… “(W)ho benefitted from the riots? – it was Tun Razak ”
In one page only (p. 28), TT unabashedly claimed that Tun Razak orchestrated the darkest incident in the history of Malaysia.
“Evidence points to a coup by Tun Razak”
What evidence? The author is the former Attorney General, not the author of a poison pen letter.  What evidence has he got to publish a very clear and obvious accusation against the Father of Malaysian Development – which the individual is no longer with us to refute the allegations.
Second and more contemptible,
TT described as if Tun Razak was reluctant to do what TT claimed above, allegedly because Tun Razak could not wait to take over as Prime Minister because he had leukemia. This is a very serious insult – which degrades the personality of a former national leader.
Based on what? Not based on evidence, but “conjecture” and prejudice mind.
The May 13 incident is a black moment which is still a sensitive matter – should be written and referred to responsibly, let alone as a former Attorney General.
When writing “why did Malay youths brandishing parangs..turn on Chinese ..”, is that responsible? Is that the way a person supposedly cares about racial harmony in 2021? How easy is it to reveal the 1969 incident with such simple and simplistic language and writing pointing fingers at one party?
This has yet to include Altantuya’s murder – for which Dato’ Sri Najib had submitted a letter of demand. Not to mention what was written about the Attorney General’s Office officer who in my view TT is a lawyer who is not qualified getting salaries and pensions. He doesn’t deserve it!
“I realized that lawyers from the AG’s Chambers (AGC) acting for the government did not have the same commitment, passion and drive to succeed as their counterparts in the Bar”
“They are civil servants earning fixed incomes and awaiting pension upon retirement. There was no incentive to distinguish themselves ”
On UMNO, TT is not just criticizing individuals but mocking the entire UMNO institution itself many times in his book.
Not to mention his take on secrets he unraveled and stripping down certain personal. The relationship between Tun Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim, the meeting in Istana Negara, the conversation between TT and Tun Mahathir during his interim Prime Minister – all that should be difficult to tell openly. Is this the “standard” of the a former Attorney General?
I would like to imagine that TT has his own view. Perhaps he is of the view that he has the right to criticize and despise anyone, whether living or dead. True, there is a freedom to that. Like this post – my point of view is based on what TT wrote, not based on rumors or prejudice.
But TT should know, there are partnerships that summons action under the legal system. And there is a view that even if it is not illegal, it is very inappropriate as it came from a former Attorney General.
Police summonses and reports – whether it is a matter of embarrassment, over violations of the Official Secrets Act (OSA), defamation crimes or anything else determined by the legal process – will continue.
As it goes, this is my take on Tommy Thomas:
One thing for sure. With your book, you have not only insulted many parties but insulted the institution of the Attorney General that you yourself once held. You are a disgrace!
Don’t try to cover up the failure while being the Attorney General, maybe this book is also one of your biggest failures and blunders to date.
UMNO Malaysia Information Chief
3 Feb 2021