Consider two major reforms for AG institution

I DO not wish to comment his issues, events and narratives. That is his memoir and his views are not necessarily true, authentic and authoritative. To be sure, he should be responsible for what he writes.
I just want to touch on one thing. That is, the book has shown how powerful a Attorney General and the institution are. Details of all the events mentioned in the book show how widespread the influence of the Attorney General and his department in the administration of national law is.
This justifies the Government to rethink two important reforms.
The first is the appointment of a Attorney General.
Malaysia must have a more transparent and credible method in appointing a Attorney General.
The appointment of a Attorney General as the absolute prerogative of a Prime Minister deserves to be reconsidered. It is even more worrying when nominations are from certain individuals who have interest with the Prime Minister as written by Tun Mahathir himself.
Malaysia must have an appointment procedure that meets all the features of transparency and competence for public interest positions with extraordinary powers such as the Attorney General.
Second, is the separation between the position of Attorney General and the Public Prosecutor.
The power to centralize everything to an individual must be limited. It may be appropriate for the Government to consider the separation of these roles by appointing the Attorney General and the Public Prosecutor to perform different functions.
Although I am realistic that amending Article 145 (3) of the Federal Constitution requires the support of a 2/3 majority in the House of Representatives, which is quite difficult, the preparations however must be done for the implementation and administration of a respected and credible law.
UMNO Deputy President