Parents, teachers, students disgusted with PdPR

THE Education Ministry has introduced a system known as the Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR) since 2020.
We understand that the PdPR method is the best mechanism at present to contain the spread of COVID-19 infection among students.
However, various problems arose in the PdPR implementation mechanism which until now still failed to be addressed by the ministry, resulting in emotional pressure on students, parents and teachers.
In fact, complaints by disappointed parents over the PdPR are mounting since there is no consistency in it, including class duration lasting until late night and inconsistencies in schedules. As a result, some students are burdened with hefty homework without understanding the essence of the subject being studied.
This situation results in some parents who are already fed up with this PdPR took their own initiative by preparing a schedule for their children education since most PdPR only cares about student attendance rather than the quality of education.
Putting the blame on teachers alone is an inappropriate action because there are many teachers who are so committed in ensuring their students do not dropout of education.
The question of the right mechanism is what the ministry should look into and ensuring this PdPR method meets the level of education, of high quality and explores the needs of education aspirations amid optimizing technology.
Don’t do it for granted.
Umno President