Strengthening BN, seeking sincere parties is our direction

SOME of us posed many questions about UMNO, as if it has no direction. I do understand their concern, and today, I would like to give them a clearer picture.

Firstly, our utmost priority now is empowering Barisan Nasional (BN) to face the 15th general election.

And secondly, fostering close relations with any sincere party willing to cooperate with BN.

I had yesterday answered questions on Muafakat Nasional charter between UMNO and PAS which was inked on September 2019.

I also comprehend that party direction is associated with strategy. And once again, let me assure you that UMNO has its own strategy.

However, it won’t stay strategy should our opponents know what we are planning. Our strategy cannot be static, rigid or stagnant. Political strategy can’t be schematic too. There must be wisdom.

It must adapt to current scenario and based on SWOT analysis on the grassroots quest as long as we stay on the prudent path.

God willing, the party leadership has the best strategy for UMNO, its members and the masses.

Quite surprisingly the anti-UMNO factions seemed to be most tormented by demonstrating their anger as if UMNO has got no direction. They even posted it daily on the social media. Whatever their motive is, you already got the answer.

UMNO President