Respect fatwa on ‘Allah’, don’t politicise it

IT IS everyone’s right to give their views on the issue of ‘Allah’, including NGOs and political parties.
However, bear in mind that Islamic principles rules that the FATWA or legal view on any religious matter should be preferred.
We refer to the fatwas that have been decided at the Federal and States levels by the authorised authority in Islamic Religious Affairs. Fatwas of religious institutions are as follows:
The Fatwa Muzakarah of the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia on 5-7 May 2008 reads:
Lafaz Allah is a sacred word that is specific to Muslims and cannot be used or equated with other religions. Therefore, it is obligatory for Muslims to take care of it in the best way and if there are elements of insult or abuse of the word, it should be blocked in accordance with the provisions of the law enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
The fatwa of the Selangor State Fatwa Committee in 2008 reads:
It is a sacred word that is specific to Islam and cannot be used or equated with other non-Muslim religions.
So are other, namely:
Pahang – /fatwa/find/pr/12138
Similarly, Part I of the Schedule to the Control and Restriction of the Expansion of Non -Muslim Religions of Kelantan Enactment 1981 which lists ‘Allah’ as ​​one of the 24 words that are not associated with non -Muslim religions.
UMNO Youth Chief