BN is better, PN now full of hooligans

PERIKATAN Nasional got the support of 3 PKR Members of Parliament (MPs) recently. Such is their strategy to strengthen PN but rest be assured, its a strategy to delay the fall of PN, not to empower it.
No political movement comprising such immoral characters will survive. It will only be strong and sustainable with hard work and confidence.
PN was established without ideology and clarity of struggle and until now, Malaysia has not been better than when it was ruled by PH. Both are failures.
No matter how long PN tries to prolong its life, they will eventually return to the people as well to determine the future.¬†Perhaps PN has forgotten that Malaysia and its people have changed a lot. The voters have become very ‘sophisticated’.
They people assess the government and its performance, especially the leaders. They forget that BN used to be much stronger and more powerful than the current PN, but it can be defeated.
No need to elaborate the reasoning. Everyone knows how strong BN was in power but when people make decisions, they must have many dimensions and considerations in doing so.
PN is now an alliance with the support of various troubled individuals. Believe me, these people just want to save themselves (from the hands of law) and not from PN. In this manner, PN will eventually be burdened with their problems.
So it is very appropriate for BN to stay away from all this. Because BN wants to save Malaysia and its people, unlike PN and its allies who have created so many problems for the country.

UMNO Vice-President