Will Kuala Langat MP escape interrogation after crossing over?

READING the statement by Kuala Langat Member of Parliament, it is difficult to comprehend the reasons why a party’s vice-president abandoned it on the pretext of wanting to focus on Covid-19 and the country’s economy affairs.
Is joining the government justify his excuse that it was the only way to help manage Covid and the economy? If so, perhaps there is no need for the concept of having an opposition in the country. It is very awkward when it comes from someone who self-proclaimed has been “fighting” as an opposition since then.
Perhaps that is why YB Sivarasa (Sungai Buloh) himself issued a statement, ‘if there is no selective investigation, Xavier will not jump’. How’s that? Tian Chua said in a comment that the PN Government is using ‘threats and offers’.
If we are on the same page with Sivarasa and Tian Chua who were in disbelieve with reasons given by Xavier, some of the questions we might ask are:
– If it is true that he is innocent, why should he jump even he was ‘blackmailed’?
– Now that he has jumped, will the investigation against him cease?
Nevertheless, I hope after becoming a pro-government MP, his service in Kuala Langat will become better.
P/S: Among interesting quotes in his statement yesterday: ‘…Secure funds to rebuild the economy’.

UMNO Information Chief