UMNO is not for sale, self-esteem is paramount

I WOULD like to advise all UMNO members and supporters not to worry too much.
You are my brothers and sisters, of course I also know and are aware of what the ‘brokers’ out there are planning, resorting to unusual tricks and tactics to intimidate us.
They are few but what they did to UMNO is very unacceptable.
UMNO is not for sale, not also for price haggling. UMNO is not a tool for somebody’s position and personal gain.
UMNO will not be shattered by differences in opinion. UMNO is a party owned by the people and its millions of members. Not for anybody to sale or put to auction.
Insya-Allah, as long as there is sweat and devotion, I promise UMNO will still be defended. I say this because I read your views and grievances.
Some of you are worried that as the party President, I will not take any precaution to their sickening plans.
I am aware. I am even alert with the bad disposition on me.
But for the sake of the party integrity, race and religion, I will face it accordingly.
The determination, confidence and identity of UMNO members is the catalyst to strengthen the spirit.