COVID in schools: No clear directives, no specific announcements

SEVERAL days after schools are reopened, there have been reported cases of COVID-19 infection involving teachers and students. This is quite disturbing to many parties, especially parents.
Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Taman Cempaka, Tampoi in Johor is reported to be closed until March 25 after three students, a teacher and a staff were said to be COVID-19 positive.
SK Bukit Jenun in Kedah was closed from last Friday after a teacher was found positive too.
However, there was not a word from the authority on the development. It is in this situation that a ‘special message’ is needed by parents, students and teachers on further guidelines.
Parents need to know about the level of safety at school following the two incidents. They need to know if the existing SOPs at schools are adequate to prevent COVID-19 from infecting their child.
They want to know if the COVID-19 infection that occurred in the two schools was from inside or outside? They are worried the same could happen at their child’s school. Most annoying is over the safety of Students with Special Needs (MBK).
They are aware of the risk. That is why the night market is not allowed to operate.
I am worried if the incidents are considered isolated and insignificant to be taken into consideration by the relevant parties. Although it has only happened in two schools so far, safety and health shouldn’t be compromised. Never ‘take for granted’.
There is no ‘isolated’ terminology when it comes to security. Every life is precious. Keeping the life of the maqasid syariah. Therefore, the authorities must fully guarantee the safety of our students.

UMNO President