Detail out a relevant national plan during PAU

SOMETHING for PAU delegates to ponder.
UMNO will hold its general assembly this weekend. Various reviews, predictions and commentary on what will happen in the conference were published in various media platforms.
Such is the importance of UMNO to Malaysian politics and the future. What will be discussed and proposed will have bearings on the nation. It is therefore very important for all delegates to be aware of this.
So discuss it rationally and with maturity. Introduce new ideas that will help the people. Having become part of the government, UMNO must use this opportunity to debate various issues facing the people. Highlighting goods policies and details must be a priority.
This is because UMNO should play its role as ‘the Malay brain trust’. It must come forward and present a national solution to Malaysia’s various interests.
UMNO should discuss various issues of national interest because it is UMNO’s essential role in national politics. That is to submit advanced ideas to improve the position of the country.
Second, this general assembly must be a platform for delegates to discuss the way forward for UMNO to return to power, not a space to threaten party unity or insult anyone.
Criticism and whatever our suggestions are, must be in the spirit of developing UMNO’s superiority and not further widening the factions which eventually will weaken the union.
UMNO must be in an ‘intact’ position to face the 15th General Election and rule again. Party composition cannot overcome ‘UMNO’s higher purpose’ which is to be the driver of Malaysia’s progress.
Lastly, whatever the delegates decide later, must be respected. No individual is greater and more powerful than the consensus of the UMNO grassroots. Party discipline and governance must be practiced and ingrained in the heart.
UMNO is 75 years old this year. It is older than the history of Malaysia. It must reflect on its maturity.
Congratulations to UMNO and its delegates.

Vice President