PAU2020 reflects the voice of majority

I ADMIT that I have been asked to dissolve UMNO. This 75 years old party has contributed much to the religion, race and country.

My refusal not to dissolve it has landed me in a very difficult situation. I am aware that I am one of the politicians slapped with the most charges in Malaysia. That is one of the prices I have to pay.
I also know that stubbornness had also caused me not to be appointed as a minister. But, that is not my ultimate struggle.
The real struggle is for the fate of religion, race and country. That will continue, no matter what, even to the extent of losing everything.
During the UMNO2020 General Assembly last Saturday and Sunday, I got a full mandate from the delegates as well as the grassroots.
They asked UMNO to withdraw support for the Perikatn Nasional government. They also urged UMNO MPs to resign as Minister, Deputy Minister and Chairman of the GLCs.
 I made the decision based on the voices of the delegates, the grassroots and members of the UMNO Supreme Council.
UMNO has its own dignity. We are not easily bullied and misled.
UMNO President