Speak up to put the nation back on the right track again!

UMNO Information Chief Shahril Hamdan invites all levels of society to come forward giving ideas as to how they could help put the country back on the right track again.
“No point if we only talk about problems and challenges because most important is suggestions and solutions,” he said in a 2-minute video on his Facebook.
He said the COVID-19 pandemic had destroyed hundreds of thousands of jobs and sources of income for the people.
According to him, the journey of a country has progressed akin to a train but the journey to its destination was halted or interupted.
“Can’t we work on new plans in efforts to put Malaysia back on the right track and emerge as a competitive developed country and a prosperous citizens? We must do it. All we need is a thousand suggestions and efforts, not a thousand excuses.
“Therefore, I invite everyone to come together in a campaign that covers all walks of life, not only to talk about problems and challenges but continue to provide policy solutions to boost the people’s economy and attracts FDI inflows.
“Improve the level of education as preparation for digitization in the agricultural sector, for example,” he said.
He added that this is all to put Malaysia back on track again and the country needs many more good suggestions.
“The important thing is that we have to get out of the usual and traditional frame of mind. The challenges nowadays require ‘new bold and innovative’ mind. We can no longer use old frameworks and systems.
“There may be ideas that are seen as radical, too bold and there may be those who are criticized. However, that’s actually what we need if we want Malaysia to be on the right track again,” he said.