‘Resume the Interrupted’ – job guarantee to elevate economy

SUNGAI SIPUT, April 5 – The alarming unemployment rate is demanding the country to embark on what is termed as the ‘Resume the Interrupted’ program.
UMNO Information Chief Shahril Hamdan said the program was aimed at helping individuals looking for a job or job placement with a decent salary, basic benefits and a safe working environment.
“The unemployment rate is at its worst, much worse since the Asean economic crisis in 1997 1998.
“Let us make some suggestions as to how their future is well taken care of. The first concept of this program must be managed and funded by the Federal Government, which can also be implemented at the state and local authorities.
“The state government and local authorities will identify jobs that can be provided,” he said.
Shahril who is also the Youth Vice Chief said that under this scheme, employees would receive basic salaries and benefits in line with the current cost of living.
He added that job banks will also be provided in each district.
“A one stop center will be set up for locals to apply for jobs and even employees will be given skills upgrading and re-skills training during the employment period. Employees can work under this scheme for as long as they want to,” he said.
In fact, he said, every employee under the scheme is also not bound by any contract.
“They are allowed to quit if they manage to find other jobs with higher salaries and benefits.”