Economic Patriotism: A plan to full recovery

ASSALAMUALAIKUM and greetings to all. Come what may, UMNO remains intact as a party that struggles for the cause of religion, race and nation.
Dear brothers and sisters. In my policy speech during UMNO 2020 General Assembly at PWTC last week, I emphasized on ‘Economic Patriotism’ (EP). As the Covid-19 pandemic which is not over, it would be great if the Economic Recovery Plan (PPE) is absorbed as ‘economic patriotism’ to full recovery.
The public and our economic experts can contribute ideas on what should be done to revive the economic sector and simultaneously gives a boost to the nation’s development.
The country would have not achieved progress like today if not for national patriotism then although it was more toward the struggle for Independence, confrontation and military. Yet, time evolution has witnessed the essence of patriotism for the well being of the country.
I can say that the country’s economy is in dire straits at the moment and we cannot rely on the government alone. Hence, in a challenging situation like this, the people can express their inspiration on how to revive the economy.
This is what I meant by ‘Economics Patriotism’. We used to demonstrate patriotic spirit during the Independence Day celebration or in sports.
But when the economy crashes, this is when ‘Economic Patriotism’ is needed. Do all UMNO members still remember how Tunku Abdul Rahman demanded for Independence? At that time, the people sacrificed almost every single sen they had to ensure he arrived in London.
Dear UMNO members. Malaysia is already independent but the economy is very critical. So let us take party by expressing our thoughts to restore it. We love Malaysia.
Indeed the pandemic has a major economic and social impact. Planned development was disrupted and many businesses had close down. This is the time to contribute and prove your love for the country.
For example in 1935, when the United States experienced an economic depression, President Roosevelt implemented the Work Progress Administration (WPA). Together with the people, they managed to restore the economy which led to creation of jobs. We can do it, believe me.
UMNO President